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Basic Things to Consider in Garage Flood Restoration

The garage is the largest single storage facility located in most houses, next to the basement. It’s also the most vulnerable, and protecting the space against water intrusion becomes essential. Sadly, when it comes to prevention of water damage at home the garage is still ignored.Kindly visit water damage restoration cleanup to find more information.

The garage is vulnerable mainly because it has the largest single entry point in any area of your house, largely due to the necessity that it accommodate a car (or two or three). The door may be left open, not properly sealed, or damaged without repair, whichever may allow the elements to enter. Garage doors are notoriously difficult to seal, and it is not unusual in most cases of heavy rain or flooding to walk into your garage and see standing water flowing several feet into the room. Replacing the weather stripping along the door’s bottom will help mitigate this problem, but don’t be shocked if it has to be done on a relatively regular basis. When you want to assess if the garage is fully sealed, switch on the light at the garage and stand outside. If the light is visible through the door’s bottom or sides, you will encounter a seal problem.

It’s also important to look at the roofing around your garage and the gutters. Be sure the gutter system is clear and free of obstructions and that downspouts correctly funnel water down your garage and away from it. The goal is to keep excess water off your garage base where it can puddle up and flow in the wrong direction.

Roof leakage can also cause water damage from above, soaking up through the garage’s attic and ceiling, and causing unsightly stains and damage to drywall, sheetrock, and any electrical systems that support the garage.

Prevent Damage to Water

When you are using your garage for storage purposes, it is recommended that you expect the worst and plan for infiltration of water into space. Using crates or shelving systems to lift stored objects so they don’t just lie flat on the table. Make sure that the most precious items are kept at the highest point possible, just for good measure.

Also, you may want to consider sealing your garage floor, which not only makes the flooring more appealing, but also protects the surface in case water gets into the place.